Monday, June 25, 2012

First thoughts & FIT background

Insanity.. Insanity.. I think the name says it all. I'm very nervous on starting this program. I have done my research. The program, reviews, infomercial.. ALL SOUNDS PROMISING. And for that I am excited as well. I have seen some amazing transformations & it totally got me wanting to order it.

I believe I ordered Insanity June 17th from the beachbody website. But something happened with my credit card, so I had to change the card. When I ordered, it said that my package will be upgraded to express delivery (2-5 days). I have tracked my shipment & is due to be delivered by June 26th.

The program itself claims to take around 63 days? And some people go for 2 or 3 rounds more. I think I will do my first round with some gym training. Then maybe another round after that. Obviously depending how intense the program is (haha)

Right now, I just really want to get back into the best possible shape I can. I really would love to transform my body completely. Back in middle school & high school I was a much more athletic person. I guess you can say I was skinny. In high school I played field hockey. After that I stayed active with recreational sports. It wasn't until my sophomore year in college when I "let" myself go. I'm not skinny. But I'm not fat. I'm in between. I'm 5'1 & I don't think my weight is right for my height. I should be around 110-114? I'm currently 139-141. Bad? I know! I am really blessed to not look like I weight around 140. My goal weight is definitely 110.

I have thunder thighs that needs to go. I would love to tighten my stomach & get abs. Who wouldn't? I'm here to blog about everything about my fitness journey. I want to someday inspire others that anyone can get into shape and live that healthy lifestyle. (I am not a certified trainer or dietitian) I'm going to share all my research and whatever is working for me. What works for me, may not work for you. But I don't think it will hurt to try.

I believe that everyone should have something to work towards to. For myself, I'm trying to get to Hawaii in January for winter break & Las Vegas next June.

I want confidence in myself. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I'll just be honest, I want to look good naked (HAHA).

My eating habits aren't so bad. I'm Filipino & I don't eat rice. If I do its because of sushi. I LOVE sushi! I don't really eat pork. I eat a lot of fish & chicken. If something has a heavy sauce, I won't eat it. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I really need to cut down on starbucks, salts & sugars. Actually, my main problem is not eating 6 meals a day & I really need to start eating breakfast. And I need to drink water and nothing else.

I only eat when my stomach starts to hurt, which is really really bad. I'm surprised I haven't gotten ulcers yet. But when you eat only when you're on the verge of starvation (exaggeration lol), you'll overeat. Sometimes when you think you're hungry, you could just be actually thirsty. So drink a glass of water.

This is a lifestyle change. And I will blog my progress.
Next blog will be BEFORE pics. I should get my package sometime soon & I will have pics of everything included.

Please feel free to leave any tips or questions.

<3, Justine

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